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Dr. Larry Macon Sr. 

Mt. Zion Oakwood Village

Who is our New President?

Dr. Macon is our leader who comes to us with nearly a half century in preaching, while teaching as a Professor of Religion at Cleveland State University for more than 15 years 


God has Chosen Him!

God has chosen Dr. Macon to build the old wasted places and raise up foundations from many generations, repair the breach and restore the path to dwell in (Isaiah 58:12). President Elect Macon’s pattern has been and we believe will continue to be a pattern that seeks to restore the regal splendor of God’s abiding love for the church. 


The Place of the Family

It is the Vision of our incoming President to include a ministry for the whole family. So often clergy spouse and children are relegated to a place of non-existence or support. However, Dr. Macon plans to create a Clergy Spouse committee to affirm the works of their ministry. There will be retreats, conferences and workshops to empower the pastor’s wife and converse with the pastor’s children. We often call them”PK” (Pastor Kids) as if they have no identity in the church or community. UPM plan to hear them out! 

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