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United Pastors in Mission provides an atmosphere to build healthy,strong, enduring and enriching ministry relationships with pastors, leaders and teams of all sizes and background.  Through dynamicsesions, we encourage personal and ministry development that leads to the interatction, inspiration, and exchange of ideas and ministry practices.


Under the leadership of Dr. Macon, our UPM President-Elect we will work with political and civic leaders to contribute to a forward-looking community for sustainable growth as well as restore trust in government. There will be several ventures and events launched during 2015. As we move toward the political climate in the 2016-17 Presidential debates we hope to bridge the gap to deliver the message of a better nation through prayer and faith. 


Our voices will be heard through our political leaders. We will be there to give to them our best assessments of the environment and community concerns as we lead and hear from our congregations on a weekly basis. We believe in empowering those who have been set aside to represent us from a local to a national and even international level. 


God has asked us to pray for those who are in authority over us and that we will do. We always caution our members to pray and know the distinct and meaning of separation between Church and State. 


We welcome political leaders in for dialogue and support, however, we maintain that each pastor and church have individual and denominational responsibility that must remain separate in their deciding factors. 

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